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The overall theme of serving naturally grown foods and using green energy goes a long way in conserving the environment. This also ensures healthy food for healthy lives. Farm foods are generally healthy especially if the crops are grown naturally (none or minimal chemical use).

The heating mechanism for instance used in our kitchen is solar-powered. Water is also recycled to reduce wastage and reduce expenses in running the restaurant.

Farm dishes including traditional meals are a specialty in Thistle. The chefs cook meals depending on what they love cooking most and produce the best quality. Fish and bacon recipes and ingredients used are specifically chosen to ensure the tastiest outcomes.

Gluten-free corn, low cholesterol cheese, and butter are some of the healthy ingredients and foods served at Thistle. For instance, a chef from Kenya is the desired contender to cook Kenyan dishes to ensure quality is attained.

Bacon Pot Pie, Apple pie, and Farmhouse pork are some of the farm dishes served at thistle.
As a rule, Thistle prepares food using fresh ingredients; vegetables, corn, meat and any other produce. Any leftover produce remaining after a day’s work is donated to local orphanages and charity organizations feeding the needy in the locality.

Pork, mutton, fish and chicken are all acquired fresh and slaughtered on site. No freezers are installed in the restaurant to ensure freshness of the food served to customers.

Farmers have now grown their farms and income because of the steady demand of fresh farm produce daily with priority given to local farmers.

To achieve the constant supply of fresh produce, the restaurant is setting up its source on farm close by. Here, we will be able to grow and rear livestock ensuring consistency and cheap fresh produce.

Thistle also has an online platform where customers can pre-order their food or drink. This helps to avoid waiting at the restaurant while the food is cooked.

Free deliveries within town are also supported with little to pay for transport in case of a customer outside the town’s jurisdiction.

Additionally, constant order for deliveries and dining at the restaurant earns customers points that can be redeemed for food or drinks. However certain rules must be followed and a card given by management after a patron’s registration.


Thistle Resto

Open hours

M-F: 11am-11pm
S-S: 11am-9pm

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