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Unlike many restaurants Thistle Restaurant has crafted a niche for itself as one of the best restaurants in the market. Not only do we indulge our customer’s taste buds with incredible cuisines, but we ensure that our customers get what’s worth their money

Started in 2015, Thistle Restaurant has grown to be a popular joint for revelers in Chicago. The mission-driven by healthy, hygienic, and tasty foods, the restaurant has captured many people’s appetites.

Thistle Restaurant has also ensured to grow the neighborhood by purchasing food and beer from the local brewery. This has served a major role in promoting the restaurant’s popularity.

The restaurant’s serene environment attracts the eye and keeps the customer relaxed which promotes appetite. The color used was specifically chosen to have a relaxing effect.

The set up was also designed to make sure the aroma from the kitchen wafts towards the sitting space while avoiding smoke.

Chefs in the restaurant are graduates and passionate people who love cooking and consider it an art. They take pleasure in making people happy by serving tasty meals.

The kitchen is equipped with the best tools to ensure the quality of the food and drinks served.


The meals are served accompanied by drinks according to the customer’s wishes. Alcoholic beverages are also available, however, the restaurant maintains a strict policy of serving liquor only to adults.

Customers are expected to enjoy themselves without causing a disturbance in the premises. The management has a right to kick out any customers not complying with rules of calmness maintained in the restaurant.

Children are not forgotten in Thistle as they have a bouncing castle on the front of the restaurant. A section has been set up where they can be entertained as their guardians have fun in peace.

The wine collection available at Thistle is unique and includes all tastes and major brands. However, most of the served wines are locally produced the same as beer and other beverages served.

Every Friday, the restaurant serves free wine to accompany meals for the first twenty customers. This has proved to be popular among the customers and from the feedback received, the offer should not stop.

Feedback from customers is highly appreciated and rewarded by the management. Complaints and compliments alike are welcomed. Customers who give substantive feedback that the management can act on to improve customer service are rewarded by the management.

Customers can reach out to the restaurant’s management through emails and phone contacts displayed on the website and the restaurant. Additionally, feedback spots are strategically placed within the premise for easy feedback on-site.


Thistle Resto

Open hours

M-F: 11am-11pm
S-S: 11am-9pm

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740 Commerce Boulevard
Omaha, Nevada 68102.