There is a reason why people leave their comfortable homes to go to a restaurant. One of them is to have fun away from home.

That means you need to have a home environment in your restaurant. As a hospitality industry entrepreneur, you need to have such research concepts in your mind to provide the ambiance they need.

Once you choose this kind of business, dynamism should be your vocabulary. Here are a few guiding questions that can help you determine what to offer in your restaurant

  • What is it that makes people stay in your restaurant?
  • Can you provide more of the same?
  • What are some of the things people complain about?
  • What are you doing about it?
  • How long do people stay at your hotel?
  • How can you extend their stay as they take something?

With these in mind, then you can decide what to add or remove from your business. As long as you aren’t a purely talk-away kind of restaurant, you need to have activities to make people spend more on your premises.

If you already have, then it’s time to add more of such events to give them value for their time and money.

That is how investors enjoy customer loyalty. Apart from food, there is value addition in their stay.

Here are some of the ideas

Outdoor TV screens

During the football craze era, it’s fun when people watch football as a team. You get a boys club who wants to have a drink as they enjoy their favorite game on your screens.

You are torn between balancing such customers with your regular customers who need a quiet space to enjoy their meals.

That is the time you need to have an outdoor screen to accommodate all. In case it’s a family, then it’s a perfect spot to have a movie night with the family.

Remember they aren’t just watching for its sake, they also order some food and drinks. The longer they stay, the more they get hungry. Is that not more revenue for you?

Sporting activities

Physical health is vital in anyone’s well being. For customers torn between going for a coffee date and going to the gym or meeting friends, this is a market gap.

Why not bring what makes them go away to exercise within your business premise? Create a space and provide sporting facilities for free.

The best one’s include

  • Table tennis
  • Sports bar
  • Foosball
  • Board games ( scrabble, monopoly, draughts)

Some of the reasons why sports are important in a restaurant include

  • Promotes physical health
  • Helps build healthy relationships
  • Make them stay longer hence more profits
  • Provides them with more value
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Gives arelaxing environment for revellers

Kids Entertainment Park

Kids have a low concentration span. They tend to get distracted very fast, but with many activities around them, they may cry for they want to leave the place.

When their parents or the adults accompanying them feel they are a nuisance, even if they still want to spend more time, the children are a hindrance.

Why not capitalize on that and bring on board a kids entertainment park. It’s a plus for you. Instead of leaving for another restaurant that has the same, they will stick around and engage the children.

They may end up spending the whole day in your business. What else do you need?

Some of the things that shouldn’t miss in that park include

  • Trampoline
  • Bouncing castle
  • Seesaw
  • Dutch wonderland
  • Swings

The list is endless; in your choice for what to put or not, consider the different children age groups to accommodate all in the play area.

Value-added utilities

Apart from food, what else do you offer that will create an outdoor environment? That should be your basis for a change when you need to have an outdoor effect in your restaurant.

Look for some of the things people do after or before eating and make your restaurant a one-stop place for all matters of relaxation.

Here are a few options

  • Massage parlor
  • Hot water shower system
  • Gym facilities
  • Balcony eating area facing a view of a natural feature- beach, lakes, horizon or a beautiful scenery

Open kitchen

An open kitchen idea in the backyard isn’t a bad idea. There is nothing as pleasing to the customer than having to be part of the cooking process either physically or virtually.

It provides some level of confidence to the customer on the hygiene and cooking standards. You can’t afford an open kitchen when you doubt this.

When they ask for a charcoal grill food, let them choose the part they wish to consume and let them- your customers be part of the process.

You will be surprised by the kind of customer loyalty you will enjoy as a result.

Swimming pools

Let people have a reason to come to your restaurant. They can’t go to your restaurant on an empty stomach.

Quench their hunger by providing a tasty and delicious meal. It counts when it comes to increasing your revenue. It’s evident a restaurant is not all about food; you need to go a step further to provide value-added services that will increase profits and customer base in return.